Discover your calling

With so many big decisions to make, the college journey can seem intimidating. At Carthage, you never have to do it alone. Whether you’re picking a major, exploring career fields, or searching for a deeper purpose, Carthage faculty and staff stand ready to guide you.


The Carthage Advantage


of employers value critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills more than your major.

Out-of-this-worLd Opportunities

From conducting NASA research in zero gravity to taking a deep dive in the ocean waters off Honduras, Carthage is all about hands-on exploration. We know students learn best by doing, and we know students find their true calling by exploring.

Room to Grow

Founded in the liberal arts, Carthage College provides a motivating environment that inspires reflection and self-discovery, so you can uncover and ignite your true potential. About a third of your courses will be in your major. Another third will be core courses, common for all majors. Another third will be electives — courses you choose to enhance your major, broaden your expertise, or explore a new interest.

Ready for anything

What are the “liberal arts”? It’s simple. A liberal arts education goes beyond job skills. You’ll gain an expansive cross-section of knowledge and develop the critical thinking and communication skills you’ll need to be able to adapt and thrive throughout your career and life. An education with a liberal arts foundation will make you a better physicist, designer, actor, programmer, police officer, doctor, and teacher. The essential skills you’ll gain from Carthage will help you advance in any career.

Mentors Devoted to Your Success

A full support team of advisors will help you every step of your journey as your academic and career goals take shape. Carthage students often form the strongest bonds with their professors. Small classes ensure personal attention. Still figuring out what direction to take? No problem! Our career specialist for undeclared and exploratory students can show you how to identify your gifts and connect the dots to majors and jobs. The Aspire Program can even pair you with a successful Carthage graduate who’s learned how to get from here to there.

Start Exploring

Kevin Crosby “It’s not enough to be deeply trained in one discipline. You need to be deeply trained in your discipline, but also cross-trained so you can interrogate a problem from multiple points of view.”

Prof. Kevin Crosby, Executive Director of NASA’s Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium